Varieties of Sushi and Their Storyline

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Nowadays, many people love to consume Japanese foods. The common food in Japanese is sushi. Some people think sushi is Asian food that contains vinegar rice, raw fish and seaweed patches but that is not true. View this article for different types of Sushi and their storyline.

Storyline of Sushi

Sushi means the mixture of vinegar rice and all types of filling which includes raw fish. This food was first discovered in Japanese many years ago. For more details follow this link , sushi was discovered to preserve fish from getting decay in the olden days in Japanese because they lack electricity. Most of them get their food by fishing, they get much fish they couldn't consume in a day, another challenge they encounter then was that the season varies, it might cause dryness or floods. In order to prevent the fishes they invent sushi, this method makes it possible for them to preserve the fishes for a long time. Sushi was produced by brewing rice and fish together in order to allow the lactic acid bacteria to change the rice to lactic acid and preserve the fish from getting decay. This process can take a year before the preserved fish will be ready to consume. I know you will be thinking of how long it takes to brew rice to make sushi, it doesn't take much time because the Japanese has another method to fasten the brew rice with fish. This was discovered during Tokugawa period, they produce vinegar from sales, and used it to make another type of Sushi, that you can eat the same day you brew the rice and fish.

Different Types of Sushi

There are different types of Sushi the first one is "Narezushi" this sort of Sushi is the original sushi which is made from brewing steamed rice and salt mixed together with raw fish till the fish became marinated and had acid taste. The second kind of Sushi is "Oshizushi" this sort takes half day to soak before it is ready to eat. It is mixed with thinly sliced fish on the vinegar rice, this is packed in a rectangular box and flatten by hand. You can as well cut it into square pieces.