96 foreigners including British citizens quarantined in Austria for breaching COVID-19 rules

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Some British citizens have been subjected to a mandatory quarantine for flouting lockdown rules. They will likely face a fine when they complete their quarantine.

UK's citizens quarantined in Austria

Austrian security operatives have put about 96 internationals which includes a sizable number of British citizens into compulsory quarantine after they were found breaching COVID-19 lockdown protocols which involve them skiing in St Anton.

Upon concluding quarantine, they could be fined up to €2,200. In a rather complicated policy on lockdown s, Austrian ski activity is available to citizens, but foreigners remain barred. Police sources say the offenders include, Swedes, Danes, Germans, Romanians, English, Polish, and Australians.

It is unclear the number of British nationals that are quarantined. During the quarantine, they must undertake a COVID-19 PCR test and pray they come out negative. Austrian police made a routine check on 45 hotels and several resorts on the weekend.

Covid-19 protocols must be obeyed—Austria interior Minister

The Austrian authorities have imposed a nationwide lockdown and rigid rules for those entering the country. Responding to the issue, the Austrian minister of interior Kark Nehammer said’ Anyone who doesn’t obey COVID-19 protocols and stays in. The country will be severely punished “Tyrol governor, Mr. Gunther Platter has said there will be strict monitoring of all COVID-19 rules and violators will be fined heavily.

The Austrian government has come under heavy criticism for its handling of the coronavirus which has seen major cities like Salzburg and Vienna witness huge infection rates. However, the government has insisted it is doing all within its powers to get vaccines to most citizens especially health workers and aged citizens.

In other news in the Tyrol region in Austin, avalanches have killed five individuals on Monday. A couple, who are among the dead, have been buried in the Sellrain area. The three other deaths include German, Austrian and Swiss nations near Axamer lissom.