Nintendo Switch makes huge sales, better than its predecessors 3Ds

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Top game developer, Nintendo has made big sales with its Switch model. The gamey console has witnessed sales that are greater than the Nintendo 3Ds.

Nintendo Switch sales surpass 3Ds

The sales of Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch have passed the 3Ds despite its short existence. Nintendo gaming company has said about 80 million of these game units have been sold since April 2017.

These latest figures tally with the Japanese company’s financial results, where it sold a record of 380 billion yen ($3.7n) ranging from April to December. Tech analysts put these immense sales to the success of family games like Animal Crossing.

Another exclusive Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario 3D which will be released before February 14 will also boost the game console sale. Nintendo has stopped production of all 3Ds models since October 2020 and announced it sold about 76.5 million units in the decade of its existence.

Nintendo Switch was sold in 2017 and later joined by another model: Switch Lite in mid-2019. The gaming firm said the console’s demand increased to about 38.6% with a total of 25. 2 million units sold since 2020. The game firm President Shuntaro Furukawa states that the firm has enough parts to sustain production for the time being. This year, it expects to sell about 26 million units.

Nintendo not developing another model yet, considering modifications—Nintendo President

He also said the firm is not considering another Nintendo model for now, but there might be slight modifications on the Nintendo Switch.

“Why change a winning team? The success of Switch justifies our decision to stay with the model, we will, however, add innovative features that will give our customers a good gaming experience “He concluded.

Key game analysts have said the success of Nintendo Switch shows that graphics are not all about game consoles, but a nice theme and gameplay will do the trick.