How do I get a job as a tank welder?

The job of tank welder requires extensive training before it can be practised. The condition for exercising it is to be admitted to a CAP trades foundry or metal mould tooling. However, it is difficult to get employed in this trade. This trade requires a certain amount of skill. Find out how to get enrolled? Training in a metalworking industry Some higher education schools with links to industry, can get a practical work placement in workshops for their learners. You can access more news at Equipped with the facilities to carry out melting, welding, repair of def... Read more

Legal ways and means of moving to the United States of America

Every year, thousands of foreigners try to return to the United States. In spite of their desire, they are faced with certain imperatives that prevent them from proceeding easily with their move. To help this sea of people, we offer this article that discusses the legal avenues for moving to America. Be aware of the travel requirements At first, we wish to inform you that on this site, you have more information on the subject. In the perspective of traveling and settling in America without any hassle, we would advise you to learn about the travel conditions,... Read more

Nintendo Switch makes huge sales, better than its predecessors 3Ds

Top game developer, Nintendo has made big sales with its Switch model. The gamey console has witnessed sales that are greater than the Nintendo 3Ds. Nintendo Switch sales surpass 3Ds The sales of Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch have passed the 3Ds despite its short existence. Nintendo gaming company has said about 80 million of these game units have been sold since April 2017. These latest figures tally with the Japanese company’s financial results, where it sold a record of 380 billion yen ($3.7n) ranging from April to December. Tech analysts put these immense sales to the succ... Read more

96 foreigners including British citizens quarantined in Austria for breaching COVID-19 rules

Some British citizens have been subjected to a mandatory quarantine for flouting lockdown rules. They will likely face a fine when they complete their quarantine. UK's citizens quarantined in Austria Austrian security operatives have put about 96 internationals which includes a sizable number of British citizens into compulsory quarantine after they were found breaching COVID-19 lockdown protocols which involve them skiing in St Anton. Upon concluding quarantine, they could be fined up to €2,200. In a rather complicated policy on lockdown s, Austrian ski activity is available to citizens, but... Read more

President Trump recruits fresh lawyers into his defense team

Few days to the Senate trial, Ex-president Donald Trump has gotten new defense lawyers. The new lawyers will defend him during next week’s senate trial. Donald Trump hires two new lawyers Former US President, Mr. Donald Trump has named two newly recruited legal counsels to lead his defense team for the upcoming senate impeachment case. This becomes necessary after sacking two of his best legal counsel last week. Barristers David Schoen and Bruce Castor have been chosen to lead his team to the impeachment trial which commences on February 9. According to Trump’s representatives, Mr. Schoen has... Read more

UK-Swedish AstraZeneca volunteers in limbo after being given the wrong vaccine dosage

Health officials at the AstraZeneca firm have been accused of leaving volunteers in limbo after being administered the wrong dosage. The firm refuses to tell them they have been given half dosage and what happens next. AstraZeneca administers the wrong dosage to volunteers About 1,600 of the first volunteers in phase three clinical trial of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine have been given the wrong dose, but they were not notified about the error even health officials discovered the error. Instead, the error was shown and kept a secret until the recent discovery. Also, the chief medical inv... Read more

UK’s government applies to join Asia-Pacific free trade pact

In a bid to improve the economic situation of the country, Britain has made a move to join the Asia-Pacific trade zone. This move comes shortly after the advent of Brexit amidst export issues. UK to join CPTPP The UK has said it will soon join a free trade area with 12 Asia and pacific countries on Monday evening. Getting admitted into this group of “fast-growing countries” will help improve the exports of the UK, a government source said. The Compréhensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-pacific Partnership (CPTPP) consists of an economic market that has around 600 million individuals. Bu... Read more


Adrian Cheng, Chinese art conquering the world

The heir to one of Hong Kong’s greatest fortunes is putting art in his malls and has set up an academy to support young Chinese talent. Designed by Adrian Cheng, K11 is the world’s first mall-museum concept. Find out all about this new Hong Kong arts center. About K11 Art Mall and its expansion to 9 Chinese cities by 2023 Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, in the Kowloon district, the K11 Art Mall is already ranked among the best artistic malls in the world. Its founder is called adrian Cheng, heir to on...